Speech about National Health Insurance

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Speech about National Health Insurance


In this presidential campaign speech, Tower outlines his views on government-issued national health coverage — Tower is strongly opposed. Tower focuses on the need for individuals to choose their own care providers, expresses fears over the the monetary cost of national health coverage and the potential demise of pluralistic health care, and defends the existing American health care system. Tower argues that a better solution would be reached by addressing individual problems with American health care, for example by offering financial incentives to attract doctors to underserved communities, and by providing government aid for specific costly treatments. Tower introduces his "Medicredit" plan, which would offer tax incentives to help Americans purchase their own insurance, and which would replace Medicaid.


John G. Tower


Special Collections, Smith Library Center, Southwestern University


Tower National Health Insurance Speech.pdf


John G. Tower, “Speech about National Health Insurance,” Digital Texas Heritage Resource Center , accessed June 1, 2020, https://texasheritage.omeka.net/items/show/27.

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