The Simple Life in a Nutshell [Claude Carr Cody Collection]

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The Simple Life in a Nutshell [Claude Carr Cody Collection]


C. C. Cody, Battle Creek Sanitarium, John Harvey Kellogg, health, nutrition, diet


Found amongst C. C. Cody's belongings after his trip to Battle Creek, Michigan, this pamphlet offers general lifestyle advice regarding mental health, diet, and exercise. Written and published by J. H. Kellogg, the pamphlet explains nutritional and health concerns in the early-1900s. It is divided into sections regarding healthy eating, exercise, sleep and rest, bathroom routines, and mental hygiene. Kellogg's cautious and primal dietary approach offers insight as to how the field of nutrition was developing throughout his time.


John Harvey Kellogg


The Claude Carr Cody Collection, Special Collections, Smith Library Center, Southwestern University. View the Finding Aid here.


Late-1800s to early-1900s


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John Harvey Kellogg, “The Simple Life in a Nutshell [Claude Carr Cody Collection],” Digital Texas Heritage Resource Center , accessed October 27, 2020,

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