Catalog of maps for War Issues Course, dated Nov. 8, 1918

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Catalog of maps for War Issues Course, dated Nov. 8, 1918


Student Army Training Corps (SATC) - World War, 1914-1918 - Southwestern University - Washington, D.C.


This is an eight-page printed pamphlet. The first page has a letterhead of 'War Department Committee on Education and Special Training' and is dated 'November 8, 1918'. It is from 'Committee on Education and Special Training' and is to 'Institutions where Units of the Students Army Training Corps are located and Chairmen of the War Issues Course groups'. The subject given is 'Maps for the War Issues Course and for other courses in which the Geographical Problems of the War and the Peace which is to follow have a part.' The body begins with an explanation that the American Geographical Society of New York has prepared base maps for the U.S. government. The first section is '1. General Description of the Maps; Their Usefulness'. On the second and third pages of the pamphlet, the following sections are included: 'The Price of Maps; Opportunity for Examination'; '3. Use of Funds'; '4. Wide Distribution of Maps Desired'; '5. Descriptive Matter'; and '6. Correspondence Regarding Maps'. It is signed 'Frank Aydelotte, Director of War Issues Course'. After this is a listing under 'Detailed Description' for the maps available. The scale and size are included and some of them include study ideas. On this page are Europe, Alsace, Lorraine, and Adriatic. On the fourth and fifth pages of the printed pamphlet, the map listings continue, including size and scale. Some have additional ideas on how to use them or details of interest. The maps are: Tyrol, Austria-Hungary, Balkans, Rumania, Russia, Russian Empire, Baltic Basin, Baltic Provinces, Poland and Lithuania, Poland, Caucasus, Block Diagrams of European Problem Areas, and Asia. On the sixth page of the printed pamphlet, the map listings continue with: Danube to India, Western Asia, Anatolia and Armenia, Syria, Palestine, Siberia, Africa, and Central Africa. The seventh page is blank. The eighth and back page of the pamphlet is also blank.
Washington, D.C.


Frank Aydelotte


Southwestern University Special Collections

Small Collections: Box 7, Folder 5

Copyright Notice: Available for research use; permission needed for publication.






Frank Aydelotte, “Catalog of maps for War Issues Course, dated Nov. 8, 1918,” Digital Texas Heritage Resource Center , accessed June 1, 2020,

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