Grade report for SATC French and German courses, dated Oct. 1918

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Grade report for SATC French and German courses, dated Oct. 1918


Student Army Training Corps (SATC) - World War, 1914-1918 - Southwestern University - Georgetown, TX


Pages 10 and 11 were joined in top left-hand corner by a straight pin; these are both Lehmberg's French and German classes - he used two pages to list all his students alphabetically. This is a typed page with a watermark 'Requisition Bond'. At the top of the page is 'SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY' and below that is 'Monthly Report Students' Army Training Corps' and then 'Reported by' with 'F. C. A. Lehmberg' written in and then 'Term: Fall...Month of: October'. The page is divided into three columns, the first is 'Last name...Other names,' the next is 'Course and Number,' and the third is 'Numerical Grade'. The names are listed alphabetically, continuing from the previous page. The first is French 1, the next three are French 68, then seven for French 1, five for French 68, three for French one. Then there are 14 names for French 1 starting alphabetically again and one for German 7. The grades range from 70 to 95 with one 'sick'. On the back of the grade report, 'Instructions' for the report are typed at the top.
Georgetown, TX


F. C. A. Lehmberg


Southwestern University Special Collections

Small Collections: Box 7, Folder 5

Copyright Notice: Available for research use; permission needed for publication.






F. C. A. Lehmberg, “Grade report for SATC French and German courses, dated Oct. 1918,” Digital Texas Heritage Resource Center , accessed October 27, 2020,

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