Sixth page of SATC scrapbook

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Sixth page of SATC scrapbook


Student Army Training Corps (SATC) - World War, 1914-1918 - Southwestern University - Georgetown, TX


Sixth page of SATC scrapbook. There are four black and white photos on a black paper background. 'No Mans Land S.A.T.C.' is written in the space between the photos. The top left-hand photo is of bundles of twigs and branches hung from a wooden structure set up in a field. Under it is written 'Bayonet Run'. The photo in the top right-hand corner is of a hole in the ground with a mound of dirt encircling and fence posts and barbed wire around it. Under the photo is written 'Shell Hole.' The photo on the bottom left-hand side is of more holes surrounded by dirt in a field with more fence posts and wire strung up around and between them. Buildings, trees, and a railroad track are visible in background. Under it is written 'Barbed Wire Entanglement.' The photo on the bottom right-hand side is of a cement platform with a circle missing from the middle with a post or structure in the center. The cement fixture is in front of a large pond or lake and trees and a dock or platform are visible in the background.
Georgetown, TX




Southwestern University Special Collections

Photograph Archives: Students/Alumni: Box 20, Folder 8

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Unknown, “Sixth page of SATC scrapbook,” Digital Texas Heritage Resource Center , accessed June 1, 2020,

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