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WorldWarI_SmallCollections_Box7_Folder5_SATC_NavalCorrespondence_003_300 (1).jpg
This is a typed letter dated 'October 9, 1918'. It is addressed to 'Ensign AK Barbee, USNRF Aide to Commandant, 8th Naval District, New Orleans, La.' and is from the 'Acting Registrar' of Southwestern. The body of the letter contains an…

WorldWarI_SmallCollections_Box7_Folder5_SATC_NavalCorrespondence_002_300 (1).jpg
This is a typed letter with a letterhead of 'Eighth Naval District New Orleans, LA. Office of the Commandant'. It is addressed to 'Registrar, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas' and is signed by 'AK Barbee[,] Ensign, USNRF Aid to Commandant'.…
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