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Speech criticizing the Kennedy Administration for perceived failures in economic, military, and foreign policy matters.2 p.Text

Tower Statement to Mexican-Americans.pdf
A 1972 outline of a proposed speech in which Tower would describe his plans to facilitate greater equality for Mexican-Americans in Texas. Tower would argue for the necessity of bilingual education, increased affirmative action legislation, and the…

Speech providing a summary of the activities of the 87th Congress from January to September 1962. Includes comments about legislation on Medicare, agriculture, education, trade, and taxes.6 p.Text

Tower Environmental Speech.pdf
This is a speech given by Tower in which he espouses the importance of environmental protection and renewable energy sources. Tower emphasizes his belief that the path to addressing problems of pollution lies not in the rejection of technology, but…

Tower National Health Insurance Speech.pdf
In this presidential campaign speech, Tower outlines his views on government-issued national health coverage — Tower is strongly opposed. Tower focuses on the need for individuals to choose their own care providers, expresses fears over the the…

Speech; New Frontier; conservatism; communism; world leadership; governance.4 p.Text

Speech; Annual Convention of the Institute of Appliance Manufacturers; Economic democracy; Impact on: taxation, competition, regulation and labor; Trade unions; Steel price; Strike.10 p.Text

Speech; Election; Republicans; Democrats; Kennedy Administration; Cuba crisis; Soviet Union threat; Aspired victory in Cold War; Tax cuts; Burden of indebtedness; Economy; Republican Party party of business and labor.5 p.Text

Speech; government operations; government regulations; taxation; fiscal policy; government business; private business; Herlong-Baker bill; economic freedom;5 p.Text

Speech; traffic and parking problems; rapid urbanization of the country; Mass Transportation Bill; socialism.8 p.Text
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