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Letter from C.E. Detmold to Edward Trelawny, dated Jan. 8, 1842

Letter from C.E. Detmold to Edward Trelawny - January 8, 1842.pdf
Letter from C. E. Detmold in New York to Edward Trelawny at Putney Hill near London. It discusses his fears for Thomas Falconer's safety as he has heard that the "Texian" Santa Fe Expedition had been captured by Mexican forces and touches on British…

Letter to Thomas Falconer, dated June 28, 1846

Letter to Thomas Falconer - June 28, 1846.pdf
Letter from unknown author from Washington [D.C.] to Falconer thanking him for a letter and an article from the Washington Review. The author hopes that the "vexatious" war with Mexico will be cut short and references the border dispute between…

Photo portrait of Thomas Falconer, dated Aug. 1854

Photograph of Thomas Falconer wearing judge's robes and a wig, seated next to a table with books. Handwritten text on the back says: "Thomas Falconer, Judge of County Court, August 1854." Falconer was a member of the 1841 Texan Santa Fe expedition.

Letter from Thomas Falconer to Alfred Austin, dated Jan. 12, 1842


ThomasFalconerCorrespondence_ClarkCollection_976-404F182t_Letters_SanLouisPotosi1842_001_300 (2).jpg
Letter from Thomas Falconer to "My dear Austin" in London. The letter was written in the third month of Falconer's captivity and posted from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The letter recounts how he became part of the Santa Fe Expedition in June 1841 and…

Letter from Thomas Falconer to John David Falconer, dated Dec. [Jan.] 5, 1841

Letter from Thomas Falconer to John David Falconer, dated Dec. 5, 1841, but the December is probably a mistake for January since Falconer was captive in Mexico in December 1941. The letter chronicles Falconer's trip by steamboat down the Ohio and…
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