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Claude Carr Cody's Battle Creek Sanitarium Collection

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Claud Carr Cody was born in Georgia and got his AB and MA degrees from Emory in 1875 and 1878. He came to Southwestern University in 1879 as Professor…

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World War I at Southwestern University


In 1918, during World War I, the United States War Department created the Student Army Training Corps (SATC) program to help fill positions in the…

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J. D. Giddings Collection

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Jabez Demming Giddings (J.D. Giddings), born in Pennsylvania, came to Texas in 1838 to claim his brother Giles’s land bounty after Giles’s death at…

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John G. Tower Senate Collection


John Goodwin Tower (1925-1991) was a Republican politician who represented Texas in the Senate from 1960 until 1985. Born in Houston, Texas, he…

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Johnson Family Papers


The Johnson family, originally from Missouri, came to Texas in 1844, moving several times before finally settling in Hays County. Thomas Johnson and…

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Thomas Falconer Correspondence


Thomas Falconer (1805-1882) was an English jurist and explorer who immigrated to the Republic of Texas in 1840. In 1841, he joined the Texan Santa Fe…

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